Is rice good for you to lose weight?

# Say Yes To Rice For Weight Loss, Don’t Say No!

Are you surprised? and think what a new quaint madness it is again? Is rice good for you to lose weight?

No, you heard it right. Never say no to rice for your weight loss. Because rice is the source of nutrition. If you know about its nutritional value and benefits, you are also forced to think anew about rice.

Why rice is popular in Asia

According to a survey by the American Health Organization that “Rice or white rice is the most eaten in Asia or South Asia”. Due to geographical reasons and soil types, a lot of paddies are grown here. resulting in, people in these areas eating rice as their main food. They eat rice three times a day .and as a result of such a large amount of carbohydrates entering the body every day, extra calories are accumulated and the body gradually moves towards obesity. And that’s why so many people in Asia are obese.

The right knowledge about rice

If you are overweight and all the people you can find to help you with your anxiety will give you the advice to stop eating rice first. And on this list, you will find your next-door aunties or your relatives, friends, cousins, or even your boyfriend or girlfriend .so at the end of the day you come to the conclusion that if there is an enemy to gain weight it is rice. and you stop eating rice without knowing anything about it.

Is rice good for you to lose weight?

In this case, it can be said that snake venom is used to make vaccines for many deadly diseases. millions of lives are saved. On the other hand, thousands of people around the world died from snake bites, would you tell me to kill all the snakes for this reason? In fact, you need to know where your problem is. why you are gaining weight? Is it eating rice or how to eat rice there? American health organization prominent nutritionist Dr.Ahmed says that to know when rice can become your enemy, you need to have the right knowledge about rice.

Is rice really your enemy?

Nutritionist says that rice has no sodium and no cholesterol. Although rice is rich in carbohydrates, it is a low-fat and low-sugar food. Rice contains fewer calories than wheat. Nutritionists also say that every 100 grams of rice contain 100 gram of calories and 5grams of protein. Whereas rice is low-fat and calorie-free food it is very beneficial for heart attack stroke and hypertension in heart patients. According to the American heart association, rice reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke by controlling blood cholesterol levels.

There is no allergy to rice as it is a gluten-free food. it also contains a lot of antioxidants. white rice does not contain phytic acid so it is very good for digestion, it is also very beneficial for those who are suffering from digestive problems for a long time. Eating rice makes the skin soft and supple, not rough, moreover, if you do beauty treatment with rice the skin becomes brighter. Rice contains butyrate, which is resistant to starch. It maintains intestinal health. the extra water in the rice helps us to adapt to the humid climate. rice takes a long time to break down complex carbohydrates which makes the stomach feel full until it is digested.

Rice #Vitamin Bomb

Rice contains niacin, vitamin d, calcium, fiber, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, an amino acid that increases muscle mass. the carbohydrates in rice provide energy to the body .rice tackles the problem of gas inside the stomach and keeps the stomach clean, It contains vitamin b1 which keeps the heart’s nerves well, relieves hypertension and kidney problems. In case of indigestion or diarrhea, the doctor recommends eating rice or porridge.

Carbohydrates to hydrates

Rice is good for bowel movement because it helps the body excrete bacteria. Rice has a high glycemic index, but if you break down the carbohydrates in it and convert it into hydrates, there is no need to roll- up from rice. Scientists at the Agricultural University of Assam recently conducted a study on panta rice(water-soaked rice). As can be seen, anaerobic fermentation is formed by leaving the rice underwater for 10-12 hours continuously without oxygen. This depletes the antioxidant factor and converts it from carbohydrates to hydrates. with this rice, you can eat anything like fish meat, or different types of vortas (mashed fish or vegetables with spices) as protein, and then it will be a completely balanced food.

If people who love rice are told to go without rice, then there will be problems and upset. A group of Sri Lankan nutritionists has come up with a strategy to control weight by eating rice. If the starch of normal white rice can be reduced then the carbohydrates will go down by 40-45%so that even if you eat more rice, you will not gain weight. But how is that?

They did it for us, and that’s the way it is .when cooking rice, add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil for every 100grams of rice in boiling hot water. Then, the water should be drained and cooled to normal temperature. after cooling the rice to normal temperature, it should be kept in the fridge. Then when you want to eat rice take it out of the fridge and eat it hot. if you cook rice in this way you will be able to eat with a full mind and stomach and your weight will also be under control. This rice contains a special bacterium that enhances the body’s resistance to disease.

You need to know where you need to stop

If you want to eat rice in the normal process, you must pay attention to its calories because rice has a high glycemic index. Eat the right amount of rice with your body’s calorie ratio, and eat pulses seafood or other proteins and vegetables with it, then you will lose weight very fast. And so it can be said that our enemy is not rice, the amount and method of eating rice. A survey of over 6000 people in Assam found that those who are a certain amount of rice with pulses or any protein lost 2.5times more weight than those who did not include rice in their regular diet chart. Word got around that, nothing is extra good even if it is the best now. so we should not take more food than we need. in this case, I want to say something about papaya .papaya is the most abundant vegetable or fruit, but overeating causes dehydrations constipation, indigestion, and allergies.


In fact, you need to know where you need to stop, and that is for the good of your own body. So you should not overeat rice right? nothings are good doing over.

Find out the real reason for your obesity. Don’t just blame rice alone.

Every food and the nutrients stored in it are essential for our body .so we should not say no to any food in a single way, we should take food according to the right method and measure.

And of course exercise. If you want to lose weight you must go to a dietitian. After examining you only a nutritionist can tell you how much to eat when to eat and what not to eat, and what kind of exercise to do in order to lose weight.

We should all pay attention to health and be aware, stay away from refined sugar and oil. Eating on time, not waking up after midnight, reducing stress, not worrying, giving up the habit of overeating, not taking drugs, drinking plenty of water, at last, 7-8 hours of sleep.

And the most important thing is to exercise every morning for a while, walk at a moderate pace for 20-40 minutes it will burn the extra calories stored in your body and provide oxygen to the brain. Just as your mind is refreshed when you see biryani, your brain is refreshed by the supply of oxygen and that is why you feel refreshed from body and mind after exercising in the morning. You can meditate if you want, but whatever you do, follow a specific diet chart keeping your mind cheerful .by doing this you will get quick results. So don’t just blame rice alone, you need to understand the overall condition of your body. So be aware of wellness because the most Joyful and greatest asset in the world is your own good health.

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